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MUSCLE INK™ Magazine features fit Hollywood, rock stars, sports stars, top fitness models, mixed martial arts MMA fighters, athletes in pro bodybuilding, power lifting, strongman, boxing, wrestling, rugby, football, basketball, baseball, motocross, and stars of the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, IFBB Pro League, WBFF, WNBF, UFC, WSM, AFC, WBO, ATP, AFL, CFL FIH, IBF, ISA, IWF, WWE, IPF, IWF, IWSF, JJIF, MLS, NASCAR, NLL, NRL, APF, IDFA, FAME, USOC, WBC, WEC, WNSO, WPBF and more. Read MUSCLE INK™ Magazine.

“Fit…With Attitude,” MUSCLE INK™ Magazine is a “muscle mag in a music mag’s body.”





HOLLYWOOD MUSCLE: Gym Set to Movie Set: Fit Hollywood Exercise Strong Showbiz Talent
Action Stars Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Rock Dwayne Johnson, Jean-Claude Van Damme

BUSINESS OF BRAWN: MUSCLE INK™ Profiles The Muscular Mogul: The Fitness + Sports + Entertainment + Entrepreneurial Success of Former California, Hollywood Movie Actor and Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger whose resent honors included the Rededication of his ISHOF International Sports Heall of Fame Statue in Columbus, Ohio, Gubernatorial Portrait Unveiling, WWE Hall Fame Induction to Celebrity Wing, Empire Magazine’s “Action Hero of Our Lifetime” Award

MUSCLE INK™ MAVERICK: Fast & Furiously Fit: The Rock Dwayne Johnson
How The Rock Rolls From Wrestling Moves to Movie Roles

HEADLOCK ON HOLLYWOOD: Pro Wrestlers Fight For Fame in Films
The acting ambitions of WWE, WCW, NWA, TNA and UFC stars like The Rock Dwayne Johnson, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Dave Batista, Kurt Angle, Bill Goldberg & more. Plus, Director and Screenwriter Andrew Oye discusses his film “BATTLE ROYAL”

MUSCLE INK™ NFL SUPER BOWL SPECIAL: MUSCLE INK™ Tackles Pro Football Mania + The Battle for Gridiron Glory (Covers: Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, plus more)

MUSCLE INK™ MLB WORLD SERIES SPECIAL: MUSCLE INK™ Hits Pro Baseball Mania + The Battle for Home-Run Glory (Cover: NY Yankees Derek Jeter)

MUSCLE INK™ FIFA WORLD CUP SPECIAL: MUSCLE INK™ Kicks Up Pro Soccer Mania + The Battle for Football Field Glory (Cover: Cristiano Ronaldo)

MUSCLE INK™ NHL STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONSHIPS SPECIAL: MUSCLE INK™ Skates Into Pro Hockey Mania + The Battle for Ice Rink Glory  (Cover: LA Kings)

MUSCLE INK™ WIMBLEDON CHAMPIONSHIPS SPECIAL + U.S. OPEN  CHAMPIONSHIPS SPECIAL: MUSCLE INK™ Serves Up Pro Tennis Mania + The Battle for Grand-Slam Glory (Covers: WTA Serena Williams, ATP Novak Djokovic, ATP Marin Cilic)

MUSCLE INK™ NBA ALL-STAR GAME WEEKEND SPECIAL: MUSCLE INK™ Slam Dunks Pro Basketball Mania + The Battle for Full-Court Glory (Covers: Derrick Rose, LeBron James)

MUSCLE INK™ NBA B-BALL HOOPS HALL: MUSCLE INK™ Slam Dunks Pro Basketball Mania + Salutes The Basketball Hall of fame Inductees (Cover: Alonxo Mourning)

MUSCLE INK™ EXTREME SPORTS SERIES: The CrossFit Games: A Face-Off the Fittest on Earth (Cover: “Fittest Man on Earth” CrossFit Games Champion Rich Froning)

MUSCLE INK™ MUSIC SPECIAL: Grammy Awards: The GRAMMYs Celebrate the Music Industry’s Best on “Music’s Biggest Night” (GRAMMYs Grandmaster: Musician+Actor LL Cool J Hosts + Superstar Beyonce Performs)

MUSCLE INK™ GAME CHANGERS: A Salute to Sport-Swappers + Multi-Sport Athletes (NFL+MLB Bo Jackson, NBA+MLB Michael Jordan, MMA+WSM Mariusz Pudzianowski, plus more)

TRIBUTE TO A CHAMPION: WWE Hall of Fame, WWE Superstar Pro Wrestler The Ultimate Warrior: First to hold both the WWE Intercontinental Championship and WWE World Championship titles simultaneously

BOSTON MASS: East Coast Pro Athletes Roundup (Cover: Mike Matarazzo)

MUSCLE INK™ GYM TRAINING SERIES: ROCK SMASHES IRON: Movie Star + WWE Superstar Champion “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson: Wreckage With Pro Wrestling + Hollywood’s Biggest Gym Rat  (Cover: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson)

HOLLYWOOD MUSCLE: Lean, Mean+ Back on the Big Screen: Movie Star, Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger Hunts for Hollywood Roles Again

HOLLYWOOD STRONG: From Elected Office to TV + Movie Box Office: Mr. Olympia, Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Returns to Hollywood Film and Television Roles

MUSCLE INK™ IFBB LEGENDS SERIES: MUSCLE INK™ Salutes IFBB Pro League Athletes for Special Achievements (IFBB Hall of Fame, Muscle Beach Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement Awards, etc.)  (Cover: Lee Labrada)

MUSCLE INK™ CHAMPIONS SERIES: MUSCLE INK™ Salutes Athletes for Championship Victories (Cover: Mr. Olympia Phil Heath, Ms. Figure Olympia Nicole Wilkins, Olympia Showdown Winner Flex Lewis)